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"Testing Frequencies, debugging and drawing up ideas, goes on behind closed doors here to build the ultimate source in radionic manifestation software."

Experiment: Enter to get all the software available on this site (excluding the manifestation ultimate software from HSCTI)

People purchase my software for sometimes $250 dollars for a software package, I hope reading this you will consider sending me $1 USD as the more people do it, the faster they will get their software from me. You will get the software package plus Doctor Vertigo light energy manifestation and the rest of the software available excluding the software for sale here from HSCTI.If you do not participate there will be a longer wait time for others to obtain the software. Spread the word about it if possible.

Just send $1 USD and when the clock hits $250.00 USD everyone that participated will have download access, EVERYONE! This is an experiment to make money and draw more visitors than ever to this site. The software on this site is advanced energy magic radionics software and for $1, why the heck not? Tell all your friends and spread the word! I had to change the amount due to PayPal 2.9% plus 30 cents deducted from your payment.

send $1 USD to daddymacky123@gmail.com via PayPal here.


All we want to do is sell decent, professional, yet powerful software and information to whomesoever it may concern. We here build the latest life-based recent radionic software never devised before or really at all seen before. until now.

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